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OC Administrative Divisions Welcome!

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A Community for the OC Admin. Divisions of Hetalia Nations
What is this community about? This is a community dedicated to OCs of various divisions found within countries. Whether they be states, provinces, counties, cities, etc., as long as they're an Administrative Division they are absolutely welcome! If you have a question about if your OC is acceptable or not, feel free to ask the mods, we don't mind.

Do fanworks posted have to include the larger nation with the Administrative Division? No. For example, you can post starring only North and South Dakota.

Can you post Administrative Divisions of an OC-Nation? Feel free. Just make sure you state which Nation they are a part of.

Are Administrative Divisions only allowed if they've been birthed by the original Nation? No. You can choose that route if you want to, but no, your OC does not have to have been born from the Nation.

Someone already shared an OC for *insert a specific Administrative Division.* Does that mean I can no longer share mine? No! We welcome each and every interpretation you want to give. Please don't let a previous version deter you from sharing with us yours.

1. Be respectful. We accept many different interpretations. If you see something is off about a particular representation and you feel the need to share, please do so in a civil, constructive manner.

2. Pairings are not mandatory. Interacting with the overall Nation is not mandatory. Please, feel free to share work with just your OCs.

3. When posting fanworks, please make sure to label and cut properly.
OC Characters:
Canon Characters and/or Pairings:

Please lock all mature content or downloads

4. Please tag your posts. We have included tags for Fanart, Fanfiction, Questions, Discussions, and each Hetalia Nation. If you would like a tag for a Nation not in Hetalia, please let one of the mods know in this post.

5. Any fanart larger than 300x300 pixels needs to go behind a cut, please.

6. Most importantly, have fun and spread the knowledge of your area! If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to contact your mods tanya_tsuki or chromatic_coma, or drop us a comment in this post.

I can't wait to see what everyone has to share!

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